Bozell Crafts Ads for ‘Salvation’

In work reminiscent of a poetry slam, Bozell Kamstra has created a gritty, realistic video as part of its first fundraising campaign for the Salvation Army of Greater Boston.

A three-minute video was shot on location at various Salvation Army venues and stars the organizations’ volunteers and beneficiaries.

They recite a poem written by Alana Carpenter, a copywriter at Danvers, Mass.-based Bozell. Men, women and children say the lines: “Chain of drugs, poverty and homelss … a carousel of choices … in discipline as seen on these faces of young, traces of old—their faith in change is uniform.”

The campaign is tagged, “It takes an army to change lives.” Bozell used real people to heighten the spot’s emotional impact.

“We wanted to reinvent the Salvation Army,” said Carpenter. “We repositioned them as being more contemporary and [showed] that they don’t just provide charity, but they also provide solutions and repair damaged lives.”

An effort was made “to move away from the image of ‘we need money—we help poor people,'” said Dan Reeves, co-creative director along with Bill Drake.

The video, used for fundraising purposes, has been edited into 30- and 60-second spots. Bozell is handling all media chores.