All Aboard: Taxi Rides Rail Europe

NEW YORK What’s the best way to tell people in New York that they can buy tickets for a train in Europe that just set a new world’s rail-speed record at 357 mph?

If you’re Taxi, you stage a mock protest at New York’s Grand Central Station on Wednesday, complete with a choir and denunciations of Europe’s supposed shrinking, for your client Rail Europe, which sells tickets in the U.S. for said train.

“It’s a way of getting attention quickly. All of sudden 100 people show up and are protesting. We combined that with complaint choirs—people who sing about their concerns,” said Wayne Best, ecd at Taxi in New York.

Given the visual nature of the protests, Taxi had two video cameras recording the event.

“Part of it was to get attention in New York, and we also shot everything with two video cameras and sent it to France for the television news shows,” said Best. “We’ll also be cutting together a video that shows the whole misunderstanding and trying to get it to go viral.”

There is a traditional element to Taxi’s campaign, but even that has a twist. Print ads will appear in travel publications, but visitors to, which was the title of the choir’s song, are encouraged to download the print ads and then burn them.