AFG Makes Hip-Hop DJ a Lugz Superhero

NEW YORK Lugz will roll out its fourth advertising effort featuring DJ Funk Master Flex, a $5 million campaign that will support its latest driving shoe, the Vantage.

A 30-second TV spot, by Avrett Free & Ginsberg in New York, portrays Flex as a giant, animated superhero. Stepping out of the shadows into a gritty outdoor parking lot, Flex begins scratching hip-hop music out of thin air and levitating cars and SUVs. Production house Rhinofx employed computer animation to create “a film noir approach,” said a Lugz representative.

The spot as well as print and radio ads are tagged, “The streets are ours.”

“Flex’s larger-than-life animated character, combined with the music track he created, shows how hip-hop music can literally bring a city to life,” said Larry Schwartz, executive vice president of Lugz.

The spot will begin airing nationally on Nov. 15 on both broadcast and cable networks, including Fox, BET, Spike, MTV, MTV2 and Fuse. Print ads will appear in the December issues of ESPN the Magazine, Maxim, The Source, Vibe, XXL and Slam, among other periodicals. Radio will air nationally in more than 80 markets.