Ad of the Day: Shock Top

A-B's wheat beer joins the gleeful march toward the Mayan apocalypse

Rest assured: If the world does come to a dramatic, fiery end in 2012, it won't stop advertisers from hawking their wares.

Extinction-level events have become a popular theme for brands lately, and the Anheuser-Busch InBev-owned Shock Top beer is the latest to dive in with a new spot from 72andSunny. How do the end times look? A stereotypically slick pitchman strolls through the urban wreckage holding a bottle of the wheat beer, nonchalant about the mayhem unfolding around him. As meteors crater the street behind him, he toasts a Mayan prophet and shrugs off the end of mankind. "You don't care. You're out there doing all the things you always wanted to do." One cell-phone snapshot of a cranky, sharp-fanged alien lizard later, the pitchman is at a post-apocalyptic block party, suggesting you make your last brew a Shock Top.

The ad would have been in production before Chevrolet aired its Super Bowl commercial urging viewers to drive a Silverado pickup truck—not a Ford—if they hope to live through the apocalypse. Both came well after Lynx advised survivalist bachelors to use its Final Edition body spray to lure hordes of scantily clad women to a handcrafted wooden bro-ark to ensure their safety from the flood (and the future of the species).

In other words, steel yourself for more apocalyptic spots, if not the apocalypse itself. Whatever happens, it's pretty clear that the salesmen will last at least as long as the cockroaches.

Client: Shock Top
Spot: "End of the World"

Agency: 72andSunny, Los Angeles
Creative Director: Barton Corley
Copywriter: Jay Kamath
Art Director: Peter Vattanatham
Producer: Erin Goodsell
Brand Team: Sherri Chambers, Elisa Silva, Ryan Warner
Executive Creative Directors: John Boiler, Glenn Cole
Director of Film Production: Sam Baerwald

Production Company: Arts & Sciences
Director: Matt Aselton
Executive Producers: Mal Ward, Marc Marrie
Line Producer: Eric Sedorovitz
Director of Photography: Marcelo Durst
Production Service Company: Nube Pictures, Argentina
Executive Producers: Jorge di Benedetto, David Preizler

Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Adam Pertofsky
Postproducers: Juliet Batter, Justin Kumpata
Executive Postproducer: C.L. Weaver

VFX Company: A52
VFX Supervisor: Andy McKenna
Flame Artist: Andy McKenna
VFX Producer: Scott Boyajan

Music+Sound Company: KickStand
Composer: Damian F. Wagner
Sound Designer: Kim Christensen

Mix Company: POP
Mixer: Mitch Dorf
Producer: Susie Boyajan