Ad of the Day: Airbnb Created a Beautifully Intricate Tour of the World in Miniature

Lovely visuals, lovingly crafted

In an age of boundless CGI, the best creatives are increasingly asking themselves one question: How can we bring this to life in the real world? 

Hand-crafted effects (with some help from 3-D printers) are experiencing a resurgence as more audiences appreciate the effort and intricacy that goes into creating the finished product. Case in point: Airbnb's new 70-second video, "Welcome to Airbnb," created by TBWA\Singapore.

The spot is richly designed and executed, with all the details brought together for one seamless shot. (It took the crew 85 takes to shoot the perfect run).

Below, you can watch the ad, but then be sure to scroll down for the behind-the-scenes video that shows how they made it all happen. You'll discover lots of details you surely missed on the first viewing, along with some Easter eggs like the inclusion of six miniature people modeled after real Airbnb guests.


Client: Airbnb
Head of Marketing: Matthias Schuecking
Agency: TBWA\Singapore
Creative Director: Gary Steel
Art Director: Nuno Pestana Teixeira
Copywriter: James Holman
Account Management: Nirmalo Wilkes, Joyce Wong, Neha Sethi
Production: Six Toes TV Singapore
Executive Producer: Haydn Evans
Production House: Cirkus Film
Director: Christian Greet
Producer: Marko Klijn
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Media agency: PHD
Video seeding: Unruly