A Couple Wake Up in the Same Room but in a New Place Each Day in Québec’s Fun Tourism Campaign

lg2's latest triumph showing off the province

Montréal agency lg2 does a great job of advertising Québec.

Last spring, the shop rolled out a clever and inspired Québec tourism campaign that showed a blind man touring the Canadian province—the point being, Québec offers such a rich experience, for all your senses, that seeing it with your eyes is just a small part of the picture.

Now, a year later, lg2 has come up with another delightful tourism idea. The agency created a documentary called “A Room With Many Views,” in which it invited two travelers, Glennis LaRoe and Kip Geddes, to come to Québec for a very special adventure indeed: They were transported around the province in a mobile room (moved by helicopters, boats, trucks and more) and woke up in a different place each morning—from the St. Lawrence River to the historic Château Frontenac to the Foresta Lumina.

Check out the film below, and a fuller interactive experience here.

The idea works so well because it turns a relatively ordinary insight—that Québec is so rich and diverse that you can enjoy a completely different experience there each day—and brings it to life in an extraordinary way. Plus, there’s the hook of having a real couple go through the adventure, and delighting in its surprises along the way.

“The element of surprise is really at the heart of the creative, because discovering Québec through Kip and Glennis’ expressions of wonder—two people living a truly extraordinary experience—allows us to show Québec from both a grand and intimate angle,” says Marc Fortin, partner, COO and executive creative director at lg2.

“We had no idea what to expect, but when we opened the doors the first morning, we knew this trip was going to be amazing. Traveling with no expectations is like watching a movie without seeing the trailer,” Glennis LaRoe and Kip Geddes said together in a statement.

The campaign is targeted primarily at the French, U.S. and Canadian markets.

Client: Alliance De L’industrie Touristique Du Québec
Agency: lg2
Creative Direction: Marc Fortin, Marilou Aubin, Katherine Melançon
Film – Creative: Marie-Eve Leclerc-Dion, Jonathan Lavoie
Interactive Experience – Creative: Alexandre Jourdain, Jean-François Perreault, Marilou Aubin
Strategic Planning: Sabrina Côté
User Experience: Geneviève Monette
Account Services: Audrey Lefebvre, Nicolas Girault, Julia Lemyre-Cossette
Agency Producer: Johanne Pelland, Mélanie Bazinet, Nancy Mcdonald
Director: Mélanie Charbonneau
Production: Cinélande
Head Of Production: Alex Sliman
Editing: Post 430, Mathieu Lebel
Post-Production: Circonflex
Post-Production Coordinator: Isabelle Borduas
Sound Studio / Engineer: Circonflex
Music: Circonflex
Web Production: Julie Doré-Renaud, Mathieu Lavoie, Cédric Givord, François Perreault
Media: Touché!

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