5 Ads You Don’t Want to Miss During Super Bowl LII

From Dilly Dilly to celebrity rap battles

For the Super Bowl, Bud Light and Wieden + Kennedy New York will present the culmination of their trilogy of spots.
Bud Light

Super Bowl LII is almost upon us. Sports fans are one step closer to Philadelphia versus New England, with the former pegged as the underdog by most (except Amazon’s Alexa, who says she’s “flying with the Eagles”).

Everyone else is gearing up for the only day of the year when they’re actually excited for commercial interruptions. By last year’s Nielsen count, 111.3 million were armchair ad critics—cheering on the best creative and panning the worst from their sofas and social accounts—which in turn puts all that more pressure on brands to deliver great work.

So far, there’s yet to be a viral hit, but brands are holding off until the Big Game for the big surprises, and unlike years past, are waiting to release their full spots until Sunday.

Below are five ads we haven’t seen yet, but which we anticipate will be high points during NBC’s telecast. Let the countdown begin!

Bud Light

“Dilly Dilly!” Advertising’s most famous catchphrase from the past six months finds its way to the biggest stage of all, as Bud Light and Wieden + Kennedy New York present the culmination of their trilogy of spots, following “Wizard” and “Pep Talk.” The phrase has captured the cultural imagination, but will it capture the hearts of Super Bowl watchers? Tuneth in and findeth out, as the king and his thirsty countrymen do battle for their favorite beer.

Doritos/Mountain Dew

PepsiCo decided to tap into the power that is the supergroup, a tactic hard to nail, but when done right, can be phenomenal, e.g., Run the Jewels and Audioslave. Well, this combo-brand Super Bowl spot for Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice has all the makings to be phenomenal, including actors Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman pairing with hip-hop legends Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot.


2018 does not appear to be the year that halts the thread of revivals we’ve seen since TV series Full House and Gilmore Girls made their comebacks in 2016. Keeping in tune with that, Pepsi is bringing back supermodel Cindy Crawford for this year’s Super Bowl spot, mirroring its 1992 ad. It will be interesting to see how the commercial plays out with Crawford starring alongside her son, Presley Gerber.


This ad, in which we’ll see legendary Brazilian racer Emerson Fittipaldi face off against another currently unknown celebrity in Kia Stingers, might end up being more exciting than the showdowns between the Eagles and Patriots and Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice. The spot, created by David&Goliath, will definitely have a lot to live up to following last year’s “Hero’s Journey” with Melissa McCarthy.


While we may never see the official Super Bowl LII commercial because Skittles is supposedly only showing it to one dedicated fan (or so the company says), it’s still fun to watch David Schwimmer tease a series of wacky clips for Skittles. At the end of each, he asks if it’s a scene from the official top-secret ad. We may never know.

This story first appeared in the Jan. 29, 2018, issue of Adweek magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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