3 WOM Players Craft Alliance to Build Buzz

NEW YORK Three word-of-mouth industry players, who together consist of 750,000 participants with a reach of 9 million consumers, are creating an alliance to deliver international campaigns.
WOM networks Buzzador AB, with a Nordic presence, U.S.-based BzzAgent and TRND AG, focused on German-speaking Europeans, already share clients like Philips and Unilever.
“Word of mouth has gone global,” BzzAgent CEO Dave Balter said in a statement. “In this day and age, it’s clear that virtually all people regardless of their culture or origin enjoy talking to others about products that touch their lives.”
The partners said they would share best practices, adhere to a “common ethical code,” use universal metrics and standardize pricing. At the launch of an international WOM campaign, each of the three will service its domestic client directly. But as the alliance evolves, the plan is to operate as a single unit. The three share almost 20 clients.
Sweden’s Buzzador also operates in Finland, Norway and Denmark; Boston-based BzzAgent covers the U.S., Canada and the U.K.; and TRND’s German consumer network extends to Austria and Switzerland.