3 BBH Interns Created These Tiny Billboards Hoping to Make a Big Difference in the World

Little signs with a sizable impact

BBH New York's most recent crop of interns had a big task ahead of them this summer: create something famous. They also had a relatively miniscule $1,000 budget to bring the idea to life. 

Yolanda Saetern, Alan Sanchez and Jeff Tepper—three members of the eight-week intern program, BBH Barn—made that budget work, creating Small Billboards for Big Causes.

"We wanted to find a way to help these global causes and sort of turned the idea of a big billboard on its head," Saetern told Adweek.   

This tiny dog shows just how small the signs are. 

The group cast a wide net in terms of the issues they'd tackle, including human trafficking, access to safe water and air pollution. Once the ideas were there, the team reached out to a handful of nonprofits to show off their big idea. A few groups have even signed on to be part of the project. 

Now, a timely ad for PETA, addressing the killing of Cecil the lion, is making its way around the world. Another for Unicef USA addresses education for girls. You'll find the work in New York and scattered across the globe in places like London, Sydney and Mexico City.

Cecil the lion is featured on a small billboard for PETA.  

With summer—and the internship program—drawing to a close, Saetern said she and her teammates hope to be able to continue working on the project. But they're waiting for other nonprofits to come aboard before launching any additional billboards. "We want to tackle big causes, and we need big partners to get the message out there," Sanchez said.

"It's an amazing feeling when an established brand like PETA is taking something we did and posting it to their social media channels, and it's amazing to know that you can help such a big cause," Tepper added. 

 Billboards like this one in London have spread across the globe. 

Unicef USA is also a partner of Small Billboards for Big Change.