24 Hours in Advertising: Friday, Nov. 14, 2014

Hasbro lusts after DreamWorks, Kate Upton stars in Game of War promos and Mozilla launches ad platform

Here's everything you need to know about the last 24 hours in advertising, in case you blinked.

Buzzing on Adweek:

Hasbro in talks to acquire DreamWorks
Recent reports suggest the toy company is looking to buy DreamWorks Animation, the studio responsible for films such as Shrek and Kung Fu Panda. (Adweek)

Sainsbury's creates a Christmas ad that rivals Monty the penguin
The U.K. supermarket chain masterfully recreated the story of a World War I Christmas truce between British and German soldiers, showing some amazing attention to detail. (Adweek)

Tech brands tap into outdoor ads
There's a new trend among tech companies like Facebook and Foursquare to utilize out-of-home advertising, from billboards to subway ads. (Adweek)

Kate Upton gets her game face on
The supermodel stars in three spots for Game of War: Fire Age, a top-grossing mobile game, for the brand's first global campaign. (Adweek)

The White House stands up to stop sexual assault
The latest instillation of the "It's on Us" campaign, created by Mekanism, isn't so much about stopping men from assaulting women, but more about encouraging bystanders to step in and stop something before it goes too far. (Adweek)

Around the Web:

EBay preps for mobile native ads
The company hopes to roll out a selection of native mobile ad formats by the end of the year and eventually sell the ad slots programmatically. (The Drum)

Virgin Galactic hides more bad news
It turns out Richard Branson's venture to send consumers to space was plagued with problems even before the recent crash that killed one of the pilots. (The Wall Street Journal)

Warren Buffett buys Duracell
Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway group bought the battery brand by handing over its $4.7 billion stake in P&G. (Brand Republic)

Mozilla launches its own ad platform
Mozilla launched its own ad platform that shows first-time Firefox users, and users who have cleared their browsing history, a page of ads when they open the browser. (Ad Exchanger)

And companies sign up to advertise with Mozilla
With the launch of Mozilla's in-browser ad platform, a number of big advertisers have hopped aboard, including CVS Health, Booking.com and GroupM. (Media Post)

Amazon and Hachette end a bitter dispute
After a long, drawn-out feud between Amazon and publishing house Hachette Book Group, the two companies have finally settled on an agreement that lets Hachette determine e-book prices. (The Guardian)

Pregnant 15-year-old mannequins in uniforms
To spread some awareness about teen pregnancies in Venezuela, two local charity groups placed pregnant mannequins dressed in school uniforms in a store window. (NY Post)

Get a 'Yo' from the Miami Dolphins
The Miami football team became the first NFL team to adopt Yo, an app that lets you send push notifications to people's phones, into its social media strategy. (Click Z)

The Matthew McConaughey/Lincoln ad spoofs keep coming
Power Wheels, the toy car company owned by Fisher-Price, released its own parody of the Lincoln ad a little late in the game, but totally nailed it. (Fisher-Price, YouTube)

Viacom points a finger at Nielsen
The company's CEO, Philippe Dauman, said he hopes to boost ad revenue in the U.S. without relying on Nielsen ratings. He claimed the ratings company fails to keep up with recording how people really watch TV. (The New York Times)

Industry Shake-Ups:

Assembly creates a new role
The MDC-owned agency created a new position—director of strategic services—and hired Paul Beck, former chief operating officer at MDC's Attention Partners, to fill the post. (Adweek)

Sprint closes in on a new agency
Deutsch Los Angeles is in advanced negotiations with Sprint to take the lead on the company's roughly $450 million annual spending on broadcast ads. (Adweek)

The U.S. Army scouts new talent
The organization's account, worth $500 million across five years, is in review. (Adweek)