10 Super Bowl Ads Bound to Score (or Fumble)

The Super Bowl doesn’t just give lovers of advertising something to look forward to every year—it also largely determines which ads we’ll still be talking about a year later.

At their best, Super Bowl ads can redefine storytelling in fun and inventive ways. At their worst, they are a bafflingly inane waste of money on a scale usually reserved for the federal government. Either way, they’re always worth a watch.

So as game day rapidly approaches, which spots will you want to keep an eye out for? Which will become the talk of Twitter and be prime for parody on College Humor? Most importantly, which commercials will set the bar for what brand marketing could or should be in 2014?

We may not have gotten a sneak peek at all the ads set to air next Sunday, but here we analyze a few already generating buzz—and the spots, whether loved or loathed, that are unlikely to be ignored.