WGN Reporter Goes on Rant, Shows Viewers How to Clean Snow Off Car

By Kevin Eck 

A reporter for Chicago station WGN let viewers know how he feels about people who don’t clean the snow off their cars before they drive away.

Erik Runge was doing a live shot early Wednesday morning after a snowstorm when he got on the topic.

“Don’t be that guy,” Runge said. “That’s so dangerous. I don’t understand that at all. It just really aggravates me. It’s just stupid. It drives me nuts.”

Just as he was hitting mid-rant, a car drove by with snow still on top of it.

“There’s another one right now,” Runge said. “This guy, right here!”

A few minutes later, Runge went up to the driver and offered to clean the snow for him. The best part? It only took him about 10 seconds. Though we have to note, he missed the roof.

For his work, the anchors in the studio described Runge as a “gentleman, a scholar and a hero.”

On its website, WGN said “Transportation officials say it’s important to take the time to completely clean off the snow from your car—including brushing off the headlights—and not just a small window for the driver. Leaving snow on top of your vehicle and on your windshield is dangerous not just for the person driving, but for other drivers who can be hit with flying snow from your vehicle.”

At least six states have a law that says drivers have to clear the snow off their cars before driving: New Hampshire, Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Here’s Runge showing how it’s done: