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Shock! Media Actually Comes Up With Decent April Fool’s Jokes

Lately, it seems like there’s no one on the Internet who can resist the temptation to try to pull off an April Fool’s prank. Often, that leads to a bunch of jokes that fall flat, but some years are better than others, and 2011 has been one of those. Below, Adweek looks at some of the day’s hits—and misses—from this year.

AOL’s First-Quarter Profits Down 86%

AOL reported a major decline in profit on Wednesday. The company posted a first-quarter profit of $4.7 million, an 86 percent drop compared to the $34.7 million it made in the same period last year. Revenue also fell, by 17 percent to $551.4 million.

Jai Singh Leaving HuffPo for Yahoo

Jai Singh is leaving his position as managing editor of the Huffington Post Media Group for a new role at Yahoo Media Network.

AOL News Ditches Original Content

Amid swirling rumors that AOL News laid off upwards of 750 employees following a merger with Huffington Post, Mediaite is reporting from a "credible source" that the company will entirely fold its original content operations.

U.K.’s Mail Online Becomes the World’s Second Most Popular News Site

The Daily Mail's website Mail Online has surpassed

Arianna v. Tasini Now a Blog Fight

A sarcastic and dismissive Arianna Huffington has taken to openly mocking a lawsuit filed by labor activist Jonathan Tasini, calling it "utterly without merit" and marked by "utter cynicism" while also revealing that she has compiled a group of emails from Tasini which effusively praise The Huffington Post's publishing model.

Unpaid HuffPo Bloggers Sue to Get Their Cut

The Huffington Post’s legion of unpaid freelancers is finally demanding their share of the website’s earnings.