Why AI Is Your Brand’s Rapid Response System

Marketing at future speed

Talk about big data overload. Over the next minute, there will be 204 million emails sent, 31 million Facebook messages exchanged, 21 million mobile interactions and 2.4 million Google searches. There’s marketing gold in there… if you have the tools to locate it. That’s why brands are turning to AI to extract intelligence and create relevant customer experiences.

Our new report “Marketing at Future Speed” explains how AI is used to turn marketing data into actionable insights based on real-time changes in people’s behavior. It details how brands are using the technology to instantly react to shifts in media consumption, movement in the path to purchase, audience composition and new market dynamics across buying and engagement channels.

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In today’s world speed is of the essence. Advanced AI marketing platforms use adaptive learning to automatically optimize your audiences as new information flows into the system. That’s a big leap over batch systems that can take hours or even days to create new models—an important distinction for marketers. Unlike batch learning, adaptive AI can update, validate and improve audience models instantaneously.

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