What Leaders in Customer Experience Design Know That You Don’t

Big data is no silver bullet

Only 15% of marketers are able to integrate big and small data to create a holistic customer view, and this is impacting their ability to deliver the kind of customer experience consumers are demanding.

These insights come from a new Harvard Business Review Analytic Services study sponsored by FocusVision. “Beyond Big Data: Why Small Data Integration is the Key to CXM Success” takes a deep dive into what’s holding marketers back from realizing the benefits of small data and offers seven lessons from leaders in the space.

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For example, leaders know that data is only one piece of the puzzle. If your team isn’t equipped with the analytical skills needed to extract insight from that data, you won’t get far. On top of this, it’s critical that the focus on the customer experience permeates the entire organization lest it becomes just another short-term initiative.

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