How to Make OTT a Critical Part of Your Media Plan

Once you get past the acronyms, you can optimize your reach and frequency

The new TV landscape seems to be made up of a cacophony of poorly defined acronyms for the different streaming opportunities. From OTT to CTV to AVOD to TVE, you can understand why media buyers and brand marketers get confused. It’s time everyone got on the same page.

OTT (or over the top)—meaning any (premium) video streamed over the internet, regardless of device—is probably one of the biggest opportunities for advertisers to reach all types of digital and linear audiences. “OTT and Its Place in the TV Ecosystem,”  a new ebook from Effectv, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, explains how to use OTT in concert with other forms of TV to amplify cross-platform media plans.

Check out the complete ebook “OTT and Its Place in the TV Ecosystem”

Among the key takeaways from the OTT guide:

  • OTT viewership is growing rapidly, but its relative scale is still small compared to linear TV.
  • By combining OTT with set-top-box VOD and linear TV, advertisers can attain their optimal reach and frequency.
  • When taking an audience-first approach, advertisers should be device agnostic; OTT will deliver its relative share of audience as part of a well-rounded TV media plan.

Make sure your video media plan is optimized for the newest platforms and video habits. Download the ebook today.