What Creators Really Want From Brand Partnerships

What Creators Really Want From Brand Partnerships

Stop getting ghosted

The creator-brand relationship is complicated. Many creators see brand partnerships as recognition of the authentic relationship they have with their audience. But they can receive outreach from dozens of brands, and that communication isn’t always clear about what’s expected of them or how much they’ll get paid. No wonder 43% of creators admitted they’ve ghosted a brand during a collaboration.

Our new research study with impact.com, “Ghosted No More: The Secrets to Thriving Creator-Brand Partnerships,” identifies what creators really want from their brand partnerships. It is based on an exclusive survey of more than 150 creators, and examines their attitudes about outreach and onboarding, payment terms, deliverables and more.

Key survey findings include:

  • Partnership offer overload: 84% of creators agreed they get more requests for brand collaborations than they can handle.
  • Flat fee or bonus?: When it comes to compensation, most creators prefer a mixed model that combines a flat fee with incentives based on sales.
  • Long-term relationship: Creators said great partnership experiences start with quality products (53%), high compensation (40%) and creative freedom (39%).

Make the most of the creator economy. Download the research study.

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