ALERT: New Malware Worm Spreading Via Twitter – Beware Of Links

A new worm full of malware hit Twitter late last night, and it has people on alert today. This new malware attack uses links to spread, and it is hitting mobile Twitter users

Great 2010 Tumblr Outage Is Over – Growing Pains To Blame?

The great 2010 Tumblr outage came to an end early Monday evening. What caused the outage that had the site down for over twenty-four hours and outraged users?

Seattle Police Put Twitter To Work On Car Thefts

Live in Seattle and have your car stolen? The Seattle Police Department now has new way to help get your car back to you. They are jumping into the social media age!

Digital Death Ends – Usher Fails, Others Revived By Billionaire

On Wednesday, December 1st, a number of celebrity deaths were reported. But how did the celebrities fare in raising money through their digital deaths? Why did Usher fail?

Tumblr Comes Crashing Down – The Great 2010 Tumblr Outage

There was a roar of outrage from one part of the social media world on Sunday as Tumblr came crashing down. The service went offline on Sunday afternoon, and it is still down on Monday.