Portrait of Michael Zacharski, CEO, EMX by Big Village

Michael Zacharski, CEO, EMX by Big Village

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Is Premium Direct Supply the Answer to Making Programmatic Less Complicated? 

The industry is 10-plus years into programmatic and it still feels like marketers are searching for ways to make programmatic as efficient as possible.

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5 Consumer-Centric Trends Driving the Industry Forward in 2022

Moving into 2022, advertisers are now in a marketplace that rightfully demands increased focus on consumer data consent, data management and data collection practices.

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The Future of Media Depends on the Adoption of Connected Marketplaces

It’s time for the industry to question the old way of doing business and envision a new and better way that benefits advertisers, consumers and publishers.

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Navigating Identity Through the New Era of Privacy

You could call 2021 the year of identity and privacy. But that sells short the challenge, as well as the reality, that marketers are entering new and uncharted territory.