Portrait of Matthew Tilley, Executive Director of Marketing, Vericast

Matthew Tilley, Executive Director of Marketing, Vericast

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How to Cater to the New Hybrid Shopping Behavior

Vericast data suggests that there is significant generational and segment differences in new shopping preferences.

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Will Consumers Greet Your Ads With “Ho Ho Ho” or “Ho Hum” This Holiday Season?

Holiday 2022 is likely to be very different due to this year’s continued inflation, supply chain challenges, gas prices and general uncertainty.

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Marketing Costs Are Rising—But That Doesn’t Mean You Have to Cut Back

Inflation is pushing up the cost of everything required to deliver your messages. What should you do to adapt to a world where it costs more to do business?

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Are Deals and Savings the Best Way to Reach Uncertain Consumers?

The search for deals is a virtually universal phenomenon that every brand and retailer must consider.

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7 Reasons Marketers Should Be Optimistic as Post-Pandemic Recovery Begins

While excitement may be a bit more nuanced for some of the shopping public, the current confluence of events and opportunities should make marketers among the most optimistic demographic.