Portrait of Lynne Capozzi, CMO, Acquia

Lynne Capozzi, CMO, Acquia

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The Secret to Marketing Transformation Is a Unified Customer View

With Covid-19 continuing to disrupt business for the foreseeable future, marketers are constantly looking for ways to optimize their efforts to drive revenue.

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5 Tips for Pivoting to a Digital-First Strategy During Covid-19 (and Beyond)

Customer loyalty has been crucial during the pandemic, but earning this trust is much more difficult.

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Follow Your Data to a Better, More Intelligent Customer Experience

The customer journey is rarely ever a straight line. People are complex. And in 2020, consumer behavior has gotten even more unpredictable.

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3 Ways Cross-Channel Marketing Can Do Better in the Next Decade

A truly loyal customer shops online, in-store and everywhere in between. Unfortunately, that loyalty isn’t often rewarded with good marketing.

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The Case for Open Marketing

A standard marketing cloud today includes a content management system (CMS), a customer relationship manager (CRM), website personalization and much more.

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Consumers Only Give Brands One Chance to Get Data Privacy Right

Establishing a strong foundation of consumer trust could mean the difference between preserving the customer relationship and saying goodbye forever.

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How to Rewrite the Playbook on Responsible Data Use and Win Consumer Trust

A mutual agreement or “handshake” between brands and consumers provides certainty about which data can be used and how.

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Overcome the Personalization-Privacy Paradox

Marketers find themselves in a paradox, stuck between delivering the levels of personalization consumers crave and finding ways to protect their privacy at the same time. Here are some ways [...]

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