ilanaarazie Builds Social Media and Gaming Teams has had its fun with the Internet retail business, and now it’s ready to take on social media and gaming.

StumbleUpon Logs 1 Billion Stumbles a Month

Facebook might seem like a social media behemoth, but according to StatCounter StumbleUpon made up 47.11 percent of all social traffic in the U.S. as of July 2011.

Kenneth Cole Has Social Media Issues

Kenneth Cole must be tired of fashion, because he’s using social media to spark political debates about war, gay rights, guns and abortion.

Cop Crackdown on Social Media

Watching what you post on Facebook, Twitter and other hubs on the social net will take on new meaning. The NYPD has appointed a new Assistant Commissioner to mine your […]

Top 5 Ways To Connect With Other Fans During The World Cup

Photos and video of the FIFA World Cup are essential; but connecting with die-hard fans online is another way to share in the exciting competition. There are a number of […]

4 Brands Promoting Social Change Through Social Media

Part of Internet Week New York this year focused on social change at a day-long “Promise” summit. That event, produced by ThinkSocial and sponsored by Pespico, showcased brands, executives and […]

Five Ways to Say Happy Father's Day with Social Media

Just about everybody’s dad is now on Facebook. (Though they might not be ready for Twitter just yet.) They see your status messages and all your latest out-on-the-town photos. It’s […]

5 Social Media Risks for Companies and Employees… And How To Prevent Them

According to a new study based on IT governance groups, businesses need to know the risks of social media. The new study lists the five risks associated with Twitter, Facebook, […]

Book Reveals 7 Ways Good Social Media is Like a Good First Date

The similarities between social media and dating are eye-opening. Listening to relationships expert Andrea Syrtash at the “Branding Your Way to Better Relationships: Using the Tools of Social Media to […]

Connecting Through Augmented Campaigns

Esquire’s director of design last week showed off his foray into the world of “augmented reality” at a Sobel Media event in Manhattan. David Curcurito created a December cover featuring […]