Portrait of Hoang Nguyen, Business Data Journalist, YouGov

Hoang Nguyen, Business Data Journalist, YouGov

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What the Pandemic Pet Boom Means for Marketers

Increased pet ownership as a result of Covid-19 has poised the animal care market for growth.

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McDonald’s New Loyalty Program Has Burger Fans Lovin’ It

Brands that launch reward programs have the opportunity to increase customer loyalty and purchase frequency, while also creating a direct line of communication to consumers.

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How Marketers Can Better Understand the American Gambler

In 2020, a year in which most industries were hit hard by the pandemic, the gambling market adapted and embraced online mediums of reaching consumers.

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Heavy Podcast Listeners Aren’t Just Tuning in to Content—They’re Receptive to Ads, Too

Heavy podcast listeners make up 14% of U.S. adults, and how they think about and respond to ads makes them stand out.

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