Confessions of a Social Networking Addict

Through many engagements, we hear many questions surrounding social networking: what it means; how it applies to business; and, more directly, how social networking can turn a profit for a […]

13 Tips to Hacking Twitter

Hey, What are you doing right now? This is what Twitter answers in a text message of 140 characters or less. This networking tool is something bloggers use to publicize […]

Emerging Trends in Viral Video and the Implications for Advertising

As part of our work at GeniusRocket, a D.C. startup that crowdsources creative content, we researched some of the trends in viral video (as of July 2008) that confirmed certain […]

Using Privacy Against Us

The demise of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s political career illustrates the perils of thinking we’re not being watched. Of course, it also illustrates the perils of arrogance and stupidity, which […]