Dan Lawton

Dan Lawton, Ad-Juster Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Business Development Officer, was on the founding team at LiftDNA, a leading SSP, in the role of COO. LiftDNA was acquired by OpenX in 2012 where he stayed on to oversee the transition of accounts and integration of the teams. In 2014 he joined Ad-Juster, a market-leading SaaS provider of unified data reporting and analytics for digital advertising, to lead growth efforts across sales, BD, and account management. After the acquisition by PE firm Innotech Capital, Dan transitioned into his current role. In 2019, he has been focused strategic partnerships with industry vendors to expand the Ad-Juster product reach and corporate relevance.

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Publishers Should Expect More Data from Programmatic Demand Partners


Programmatic demand has become an essential part of many publishers’ revenue strategy. Sell-side platform (SSP) companies have seen amazing growth — the top 10 alone account for over $84 billion [...]