Yann Yu

Try Your Thumb at Hybridizing Plants with GameHouse’s Secret Plant Society

Gamehouse, a developer best known for bringing UNO and Scrabble to Facebook, recently released The Secret Plant Society, a new take on plant growing/farming games.  Though similar in many ways […]

Train City Adds Another Rail Line to Facebook Gaming

Mobile publisher Gamevil’s first Facebook release, developed by newcomer Lifo Interactive, is a cute and brightly colored city builder game called Train City. With a number of other games featuring […]

Engage in Multiplayer Monster Battles in Broken Bulb’s Miscrits

Broken Bulb Studios, a mid-sized developer in Scottsdale, Arizona, has finally released a Facebook game that it has been working on over half a year: Miscrits: World of Adventure. In […]

Become a Forensic Crime Scene Investigator in Sony’s Catch a Killer

Sony Online Entertainment’s latest Facebook title, Catch a Killer, puts players in the shoes of a rookie forensic investigator, solving murders and kidnappings by combing crime scenes for clues and […]

Happy Tribe Brings Chinese-Style Gameplay, But Poor Localization, to Facebook

The first English-language Facebook game by Chinese company 活力飼舍 is Happy Tribe, a title that uses war game mechanics for a primarily player vs player game. Although the graphics and […]

Icebreak Games Brings Players the Farm of Their Dreams in Paradise Life

Paradise Life is a new Facebook social game released by Icebreak Games, developers of the successful Cafe Life. The new title does an effective job of reverse engineering the mechanics […]

Zombie Party Combines the Undead With Standard Facebook Game Mechanics

In a social gaming landscape saturated with farms, cities, and mobsters, TipCat Interactive’s new release Zombie Party appears at first to be a novel experience, putting you in a wasteland […]

Gaia Online Goes to Facebook With Monster Galaxy, a Pokemon-Style RPG

Gaia Online, the creator of a virtual world for teens and young adults, has had more success than most in its genre. But following a round of layoffs in November, […]