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YouTube and Google TV LA Hackaton Winners Show the Future of TV

YouTube and Google TV held a hackaton in Los Angeles to encourage developers to build on their platforms. Read on for Google's pitch to developers and the apps that won.

Ark Finds Social Search Niche Between Facebook, Google

Google and Facebook are at war over search. Can multi-graph provider Ark help you from becoming collateral damage?

Why Facebook Rejects Startups

Insiders know that getting close to Facebook product teams is the best the way to take your business to the next level. Pitching Facebook as a startup is hard, though. New Facebook features create a virtual gold rush for platform developers. New Facebook application-programming-interface features enable new ways to monetize virtual goods in social games, for example. New Facebook ads features create new ways to target advertising to specific users -- audience segments like "everyone who has purchased virtual goods on Facebook" -- creating huge opportunities for those who move to monetize first.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Facebook Nation: Total Information Awareness’ Is A Must

Newton Lee’s book, Facebook Nation: Total Information Awareness, is a great book for social media experts, offering a comprehensive look at Facebook in the context of social media, and covering privacy well.

Shopgate App Uses ‘Product Tagging’ for Mobile Commerce

Imagine easily purchasing the products you see in print ads with your iPhone.  "Everywhere commerce" is the vision of German app startup Shopgate, which will enter the U.S. market in early 2013.

Free YouTube ‘Creator Playbook’ a Must Read for Musicians

Most artists don't know there is a free guide to using YouTube. "Musicians should have their manager or buddy read it, if they don't want to" an executive explained at the Digital Music Forum West.

Will Facebook Be Worth $1 Trillion?

Are you tired of debating about Facebook's stock price? The best way to cut investors short is to ask: Will Facebook be worth $1 trillion?

Amazon’s New Kindle Tablets Optimized For Facebook

Amazon is launching a new line of Kindle tablets, complete with Facebook integration and a custom Facebook application.

New Facebook Video App QuikSnap Combines Personal Messages, TV And Movie Clips

A new video application that lets users "snap" together social video messages from a library of TV and movie clips and share their video mashups via Facebook debuted Tuesday: QuikSnap.

Video App Startsups like SocialCam and Tout are Hot Investments

We wrote recently that Venture Capitalists are hot for video startups. Since then, two companies we highlighted hit major milestones: SocialCam was acquired for 60M and Tout raised 13M.