LAT in 90 seconds

— Ladies and gentlemen, may we present …the $50 hamburger. — After a squeaker, its Angelides vs. the Kalifornian. Oddly, people who don’t know what they believe in like Ah-nold: […]

Bisch slapped: Sony stops to smell Kevin’s roses…

We just read Patrick Goldstein‘s excellent column about florist to the Olympian gods, Eric Buterbaugh. A romantic comedy loosely based on his life sold last month to Sony, which will […]

Wanted: Smart blogger. Apply within!

Yes, it’s true, folks: Yours truly has sold out. I’m going to go work for The Man. Or rather, The Men: Time Warner and Telepictures‘ newest venture, TMZ.com, as their […]

The Onion Movie: It made Searchlight cry…

News came today that Miramax Films is developing a satire with the former editor in chief of The Onion. Per the Hollywood Reporter, “Homeland Insecurity” will “track the misadventures of […]

Speaking in “Code”: Sony’s Stringer disses American teens

We just finished the trifecta of Howard Stringer articles this week, and have to agree with Nikki Finke: They don’t break a lot of new ground. But after a windy […]

Vanity Fair-use? Or plagiarism?

Just when we’d gotten past wanting to retch at the mere mention of another “Da Vinci” plagiarism claim, comes…another plagiarism claim. Editor and Publisher today carries word that a chunk […]

LAT in 90 Seconds

— Kitson owner Fraser Ross has become a partner in the paparazzi agency co-owned by Jill Ishkanian, the ex-Us Weekly employee currently being investigated by the FBI for hacking into […]

Mark Cuban: Being a billionaire means never having to punctuate

Mark Cuban‘s blog today carries an interesting come-to-Jesus sermon for the newspaper business vis a vis movies and TV show advertising” Viz, “Its [sic] expensive to advertise movies or TV […]

Days of Thunder Thetans?

What a “scoop” – a week after NASCAR announces its gotten a sponsorship from Scientology, the national press is into it. It’s an example of how few people follow the […]

LAT in 90 seconds

— “The Pentagon has decided to omit from new detainee policies a key tenet of the Geneva Convention that explicitly bans ‘humiliating and degrading treatment.'” Under the Pentagon’s new cunning […]