Paul Cappelli

Where’s the Transparency?

We used to talk — even brag — about truth in advertising. But it seems that truth has become such a technicality. We ad people have always been masters of […]

The Italian Job

Last December, Italy’s Puglia region (the heel of the boot) announced it was looking for agencies to handle its tourism account for 2008. The money was 7 million euros (roughly […]

Art & Commerce: Helping Generation Ex

This is certainly nothing new but, as much as it’s politically incorrect to say, this is an industry of young people. I’m not sure if it’s purely for economic reasons […]

Bush Vs. Kerry, Unauthorized

Forced smiles. Staged folksiness. Endless litanies of accomplishments. Self-righteous attacks. Most political advertising is mind-numbing on a good day. Does it have to be? Can’t we kick out the pollsters […]