Nickolay Lamm

Four Reasons Why Google Doesn’t Care If Facebook Wins The Social Media Wars

Facebook is winning the social media wars. But Google isn’t worried. According to Chief Executive Officer Larry Page, Google Plus has more than 100 million active users. Facebook, meanwhile, has more than 900 million active monthly users. Google Plus has a little more than 10 percent of Facebook’s reach, and its users spend a mere 3.3 minutes per month on the search engine giant’s social network, compared with the average Facebook user’s eight hours.

How To Keep Social Readers From Spamming All Your Facebook Friends

Here's how not to spam your friends with what you're reading in The Washington Post Social Reader -- learn how to do this with one of the apps, and then you can apply it to the other social readers.

BEWARE: More Facebook Phishing Emails Circulate

Do yourself a favor and delete any email purporting to be from Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg promising you an iPhone or iPad.

DON'T CLICK: Costco Gift Card Scam On Facebook

As of this writing, a bogus Costco gift card scam was live on Facebook, with posts including a web address full of malware.

7 Ways Facebook Complicates Dating

Yes, Facebook connects us with the people in our lives. Sometimes, however, the social network can complicate our dating life. Here are seven examples.