Neil Vidyarthi

The Top 9 Social Networks for Business [Infographic]

If there was any doubt that social media had room to thrive outside of Facebook's wall garden, it must be gone by now. With the success of Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other sites, it's more important now than ever for businesses to understand the various social networks and what audience they cater to. A new infographic from the fine folks at sdlsm2 takes a nice look at the various networks - it's a good one to print and put up on the wall.

LinkedIn API Update Aims for Better Apps

LinkedIn has 175 million monthly active users, has just reported a glowing second fiscal quarter and has been accepted as one of the most evolutionary tools for the employment industry since The company's stock has stood strong while social network cousins like Facebook and Zynga falter on the market. But instead of resting on its laurels, the company continues to improve its product, and the latest update may be the sign of a whole new stage of growth - the improved developer portal.

Should You Be Using Google+? eBay Says Yes

A post this weekend by the eBay Partner Network ruminated on whether you should be using Google+ to help your online strategy. This is the type of question that's been floating around the web (and passed along in impromptu games of conference telephone) since the Google network's inception. The naysayers usually wonder about the point of putting effort into a social network with minimal activity, while the supporter lions advocate the fact that using Google+ can improve your placement on Google search. Add eBay to the list of supporters.

We Just Hooked Up with the Best Social TV Blog on the Web: Lost Remote

I'm very excited to announce today that Social TV blog Lost Remote is joining our mediabistro blog family. Lost Remote is the looking glass through which I'm able to peer more deeply into the world of emerging social trends in the TV space, and their consistent analysis of how people are leveraging social to connect with TV is unparalelled on the web. We look forward to working with them and sharing some of their insights and coverage.

Amazon Game Studios Launches “Living Classics” for Facebook: Is It Any Good?

The last few months have seen some tectonic shifts in the world of social gaming. Zynga went public, and after a series of rallies and plunges, the stock has ultimately taken a beating and is hovering around $3 after an IPO price of $10. The accepted word is that Facebook gamers aren't playing games on the social network as much as they once were, instead favoring iPad games and other diversions like Pinterest. So it was a bit surprising to hear that Amazon has decided to step into the game at this time with their first Facebook game, Living Classics. I take a look below.

Handy: A Social Media Image Size Guide for LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and More [Infographic]

As our social media profiles represent our digital avatar, we're now forced to dress them up just as we would our selves. We need stylish profile photos, cool banner images and appropriate color schemes. The last thing any of us wants to see is a stretched, pixelated image - it's as bad as ripped stockings for a lady or an too tight t-shirt for a man. Fortunately, the Original Ginger has put together an infographic helping us out with the task of image sizing.

Will Digg’s Redesign Get People Clicking Again?

The new Digg has gone live after a preview and it's a tabula rasa in the literal sense of the word - a blank slate. The new site is chocked full of white space between panels and stories. The design seems to have taken a page from a few sources: Flipboard, the New York Times and Facebook.I can say that it's a pretty attractive layout, but is it enough?

Is Apple Gunning to Buy Pinterest Competitor The Fancy?

Business Insider reported this weekend that Apple is possibly angling to sink their hooks into The Fancy, a Pinterest-like site that focuses on tying image sharing to e-commerce. This would be a step for Apple into the world of web commerce outside their walled iTunes garden, and could mark a new direction for the company famous for the iPod and iPad. So just what is The Fancy and how useful would it be to the world's largest tech company?

What Do You Think of the Digg Redesign Preview?

Digg, the recently acquired social sharing company, has received a major overhaul as part of new owner Betaworks' six-week redesign sprint. Shots of the new update were posted today, and the new Digg looks a lot cleaner, and will also strip all the ads from the site.

ConnecTV Network Launches Watercooler for Olympic TV Chat

Chat is one of the precursors to social media, and was one of the first social experiences on the web. For years, users would jump on random chat rooms on […]