Neil Vidyarthi

HootSuite Adds Yammer to App Directory

HootSuite, the all-in-one social media management tool, has added Yammer to its App Directory. The new app will allow Yammer users and managers to manage their accounts and reply to threads without leaving HootSuite. As a longtime user of Yammer, I've seen the service grow in leaps and bounds over the last year, and it is now a turnkey solution to get a quick Twitter-like social network up and running for you and your team. I'm also a HootSuite user, so this speeds up my workflow considerably.

Zynga Employees Flare Up on Quora Over Zynga Stock Price

After a series of nose-dives and precipitous declines, Zynga's stock is hovering near $3 after opening at $10 in December of 2011. It's a surprisingly weak position (even more surprising for shareholders) and despite rallies throughout the beginning of the year that saw Zynga top $14 for a while, the company is now facing the spectre of lower user counts and a difficult upwards climb and the stock seems deflated. In response, an anonymous Zynga user took to Quora to explain how "devastated" he/she felt about the stock crash after working 10 hour days with "terrible management" in the hopes of a payout. The post had 600 upvotes, but since the post has gone viral, it's been seriously downvoted and attacked by other Zynga employees have come out of the woodworks (all anonymously) to counter the original poster's complaints.

A Funny Imposter Explains How to Use Reddit [Video]

A comedian who's tagline is "I can't really tell if he's being serious or not," has posted a video about his experience with Reddit, and explains how he infiltrated the network and discovered the easy way to win the adulation of Redditors. Through reading, commenting and posting on various sections of the site, Robbie Sherrard figured out the Redditor code, and opens Pandora's box in his tell-all video. Alright, it's not actually that much of a reveal, but we definitely laughed at the office when we read it. is a Pay Social Network that Focuses on Users Rather than Advertisers

A new social network has been creating a serious amount of buzz, and despite its unfortunate name, it has a smart premise and seems to be attracting a whole bunch of early paying customers. The network is called, and it's a social network that promises to offer the same social services as other sites, but with a guarantee that they will "never sell your personal data" and that they will not even display advertisements on the network.

The London 2012 Socialympics [Infographic]

Twitter hashtags, YouTube clips, live blogs and Facebook groups - there's no doubt that this is one of the most connected Olympics in history, and one infographic creator has deemed it the "Socialympics". While the name may not catch on, the idea is pretty sound, and the new infographic from SEO highlights some of the staggering numbers of online fans and followers that are engaging with the Olympics this year.

Renren Stock Suffers After Underwhelming Q2

Renren's stock has slipped after a mixed Q2 earnings report earlier this week, where net revenues were $44.8 million, up 47.5% year over year, but advertising revenues decreased and analysts are worried that the social network may be losing its potential as the "Facebook of China". The stock has dropped around 25% over the last few months and the big question is whether nor not now is the time to buy cheap.

Blizzard’s Gaming Network Hacked

Blizzard's gaming network,, was hacked and user's email accounts were accessed on Thursday evening. The news was reported by Blizzard in a blog post, and while no financial information was accessed, users are being urged to change their passwords. Other information was accessed as well, including "ryptographically scrambled versions of passwords (not actual passwords), the answer to a personal security question, and information relating to Mobile and Dial-In Authenticators."

Pulse News App Comes from Mobile to the Web

Pulse is a popular news reading application for Android and iOS, and it's now come to the web. A release from the official Pulse blog shows the process that went through adapting Pulse for the web, and how the new layout takes advantage of your full browser and focuses on bringing the beautiful image-based news feed to the web so the experience relates to the mobile version. The Pulse web version is fully synced with your mobile version as well, so you can keep your interests aligned no matter where you are.

Is Google+ a Ghost Town? [Infographic]

No matter how many product updates, Hangout innovations or sharing tweaks that Google lays on to its new Google+ social network, detractors still push ahead claiming you can’t put lipstick […]

Booya, OUYA! The First Kickstarter Game Console Raises $8.6M

OUYA is a game console that's looking to compete with the big boys - Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft - by leveraging the Android to build an inexpensive set-top box. The company recently started soliciting crowd-funding on Kickstarter and after a surprising early run, they've wrapped up with a grand total of $8.6 million in funding from 64,000 individual contributions. I'm sure the big 3 are looking at this closely and wondering if this is going to be a real threat or not.