Matt Van Hoven

The Taco Problem: Local Goods With Global Implications

Sunday, day three: One of the major themes this year has been sustainability. Though this isn’t a new idea, the term has slipped through panelists’ lips like an elephant on […]

The Value of SXSWi: Selection

We don’t normally post comments but this one was too good to pass up. Responding to a post on Webnewser sibling blog PRNewser, Mediabistro Community Manager Seamus Condron writes: “There […]

iPhone Apps Got Their Bible

<img alt="cat.gif" src="/webnewser/files/original/cat.gif" width="180" height="236" class="alignright" vspace=3 hspace=5/Josh Clark is the application designer and developer who wrote the forthcoming O’Reilly title Tap Happy: Designing Great iPhone Apps. For the last […]

Who Owns User Data Stored in Cookies?

During Friday’s panel, Smackdown: Consumer Privacy vs. Advertiser Revenue, panelist Jordan Mitchell was asked who owns data collected in cookies. Towing the industry line, Mitchell responded, “The user, obviously. But […]

Media Beat: Mashable Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow on Apple’s Anti-Transparency and Facebook’s Data Protection

In the third and final segment of our interview with Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow we discuss Apple’s lack of transparency and whether or not it matters. “Apple doesn’t tweet, it’s […]

Media Beat: Mashable Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow Says Pay Walls Will Handcuff Social Sharing

In part two of our conversation with Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow, he explains that pay walls will prevent social content sharing because “people don’t like to share stuff their audience […]

Media Beat: Mashable Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow on How Digital Journalism Works is a force both in the Web journalism and social media worlds. By leveraging the Web’s social capabilities, Mashable has built a reputation as a go-to source for all […]