Lily Bradic

Encrypt Your Facebook Messages With Cryptocat

Open-source chat-encryption tool Cryptocat announced its latest update, which includes full encryption for Facebook private messages, in a blog post Monday.

Can Privacy Software Keep You Safe On Facebook?

Every time Facebook updates its privacy settings, more people get left behind. It’s bad enough for those of us who work with social media on a daily basis -- for us, it’s more of a laziness issue than anything -- but keeping up-to-date with privacy can be virtually impossible for users of the social network who don’t understand what they need to be aware of, and perhaps that’s why people are turning to technology for help. Browser add-ons and other privacy-checking tools are becoming an increasingly popular way of managing online privacy, and the best part? They're simple enough for anyone to use.

Travel Is Facebook’s Most Popular Subject, So Why Isn’t The Industry Taking Advantage?

Last November, Facebook revealed that more people share travel and vacations on the social network than anything else. Our money would have been on pictures of kids or food, and that’s pretty interesting in itself -- it suggests that travel talk and pictures of famous landmarks don’t actually bother us that much. If they did, they’d be up there with baby photos and restaurant dinners and everything else we hate about our Facebook feed (like BitStrips and fake video links).

Social Recruiting Via Facebook: Are You Putting Yourself At Risk?

With big-name brands like L’Oreal, Groupon, and Pepsi using Facebook for social recruiting, it’s no wonder that small businesses are gaining the confidence to do the same -- but it’s not quite as simple as it looks. You know what these big companies have that you don’t? Legal teams.

Facebook Is Not Responsible For Your Stupidity

Social media gets the blame for a lot of things -- cyber-bullying, the rise of the selfie, hashtag-shaped potato snacks (really, Birds Eye? Really?), and the popularity of Justin Bieber. When something happens that embarrasses or concerns today’s society, Facebook is often the scapegoat.

The 58 Genders Of Facebook

Last week, Facebook announced that its users would be able to pick genders from a custom list, instead of choosing either “male” or “female,” like they did before.