Kelsey Blair

“The Social Network” Writer Aaron Sorkin May Pen Steve Jobs Movie

“Social Network” screenwriter Aaron Sorkin may write Steve Jobs movie.

Social Media Improving Police-Resident Relationships

What’s the biggest advantage to using social media as a police agency? It isn’t sharing information; it is connecting with communities.

Teen Tweets Before Committing Suicide: The Importance of “Cyber-helping”

A teenager tweets before committing suicide and no one responds. What does it say about social media and youth?

Are Social Networks Positively or Negatively Impacting Our Real Life Friendships?

You have hundreds of friends of Facebook, but how many real life friends do you have? According to a new study, not as many as your parents did.

Chinese Government To Further Regulate Social Media

What happens when two “big-brothers” join forces? China is about to find out. China introduces new censorship measures specifically targeting social media, and Chinese social media technology firms agree to co-operate.

American Homeland Security to Amp Up Social Media Intelligence

What do the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East mean for United States social media users? It could mean that big brother will be paying more attention to tweets and status updates as Homeland Security reviews social media guidelines.

In Egypt, Social Media Remains Revolutionary When Blogger Is Arrested

Major media outlets may have moved on from Egypt’s revolution, but the fight is far from over. In Egypt, an activist blogger is arrested, and Egyptian social media users express their discontent.

Religion And Social Media: Can They Mix?

Can religion and social media work together? One religious conference ponders this question.

Social Media Helps Turkey After Earthquakes

When disaster strikes, it is social media to the rescue. When an earthquake hits Turkey, people turn to social media in key moments.

Should Governments Tweet in All Their Official Languages?

If governments use social media to communicate with the public, should they do so in more than one of a country’s official languages? One Canadian province says yes.