Keith Goldberg

The Day the Internet Died

Google and Verizon recently did what all crafty drug dealers do. After enough people are hooked on the free taste of the drug they’re peddling — in this case a […]

China: 5 Things You Should Know

With the largest-ever World Expo having opened May 1 in Shanghai, and with countries and corporations spending millions in dollars, euros, and other currencies to impress their Chinese hosts, it’s […]

Desperately Seeking Hybrids

This is not a column about automobiles; it’s a piece about people. However, if you carry the analogy a step forward, the similarities are crystal clear: Just as survival has […]

Lessons From Sammy the Cleaner

Those of us who spend our professional lives helping to create community between client brands and customers can sometimes forget that examples of exceptional community building take place in the […]