Jessica Roy

The Kindle Fire: Amazon’s Answer to the iPad

Looks like the tablet family just got a whole lot bigger. Today, Amazon announced three new e-reading products with impressively low price points that are sure to tantalize even the […]

BBC Redesign Attempts To Make Website More “Swipable”

With the rise of new media platforms like tablets and smart phones, the ways in which we interact with content have shifted dramatically. In a nod to the ever-growing amount […]

Codecademy Makes Learning To Code Fun And Social

For web journalists, learning to code — even if it’s just picking up the basics of HTML or CSS — can be just as important as memorizing the AP Stylebook. […]

Homicide Watch D.C. Seeks To Improve Homicide Coverage

“I believe in justice,” reads today’s top comment on the “community-driven reporting project” Homicide Watch D.C. The comment, featured prominently on the front page of the site, comes from a […]

Google’s Blogger Network Gets A Makeover

For news organizations without their own branded CMS, Blogger is one of the top blogging platforms out there. However, it’s no secret that WordPress is favored amongst blogging types for […]

The Daily Dot Aims To Be The Internet’s Community Newspaper

Let’s face it: the Internet can be a big, scary place, so it makes sense that people seek digital communities where they can congregate with like-minded users to discuss the […]

Newswordy Catalogues And Examines The Media’s Favorite Buzzwords

Most avid news readers can recall words that have been made up by the media to support a thesis (dudeitor, anyone?), but what about those real words that are used, […]

The Best Explainers For Understanding The U.K. Riots

For those who don’t keep up with politics in the U.K., the riots in London seemed to come out of nowhere. Suddenly images of young people setting cop cars on […]

AOL Releases “Editions,” A Social iPad Magazine

Yesterday AOL joined the mad rush for an iPad product with the release of Editions, a new iPad app set to compete with the likes of Flipboard and Pulse. Editions […]

Explore, Share And Soon Build Beautiful Data Visualizations With

Infographics and interactive features are quickly becoming one of the most innovative ways to share and display datasets. Data visualizations are the perfect complement to text-heavy articles, and can make […]