5 News Organizations To Follow On Pinterest

It came seemingly out of nowhere. Pinterest, a social network where users can create virtual pinboards, quietly transformed throughout 2011 from a niche interest site to a top 10 social network, all while still functioning under an “invite only” model. With solid growth like that, it’s hard not to take notice. The site is more easily geared towards retailers, but journalists and news organizations are beginning to experiment with ways they can tap into the Pinterest market. Here are five of the news organizations you should be following on Pinterest.

TIME Magazine

It’s interesting to note that some of the most successful brands eager to take on Pinterest are actually print magazines. That’s because Pinterest’s ethos is so conducive to what magazines have done for years: coupling glossy photos, stories and anecdotes for public consumption. As one user in the Denver Post put it, “Pinterest is like getting a new magazine in the mail every day.”

TIME has amassed over 1,650 followers by posting TIME covers, both recent and vintage, as well as arts reviews and photos of their staff.

Newsweek & The Daily Beast

The Newsweek Beast duo has taken to Pinterest with a more tongue-in-cheek attitude, showcasing weird trends like “Crazy Nail Art” (pegged to the release of the book Nailed by Dzine) and “Santorum’s Sweater Vests.” They also host a moving pinboard of photos from the Arab Spring.


The shuttered old-school magazine seems the perfect pairing for a digital image board, especially as it markets itself as “the most comprehensive and iconic collection of professional photography on the web.” LIFE brings those images to a new generation on Pinterest for users to comment on and share. Boards include “Vintage Retrospect,” “LIFE Legends” and “Today in History.”

The Wall Street Journal

Deeming their foray into Pinterest as “a visual read of the Journal,” the WSJ uses Pinterest to showcase images and products correlating to stories they publish in the paper. They also post images of their front pages and hedcuts, along with behind-the-scenes peeks into the WSJ. Magazine.


Internet news blog Mashable has already acquired almost 8,600 followers on Pinterest by collecting interesting visual content relating to social media, technology and gadgets. Their “Infographics” pinboard hosts compelling infographics they’ve published on their website, collected in one space for your perusing pleasure. Another board, “Geeky Valentines Day,” features cute ideas for the geek love in your life.

Which news organizations are you following on Pinterest?