Jesse Farmer

Hottest Facebook Apps: July 28th

Welcome to the second installment of Inside Facebook’s “Hottest Facebook Apps.” Here’s the list for July 28, 2007: Comic strip [growth] Comic strip does what it says: places any number […]

Search, Discovery, and Facebook

(Many of these ideas came out of a conversation I had with Patrick Koppula, one of the founders of iLike. So, thanks to him and his current team at Vadver, […]

Hottest Facebook Apps for July 21st

Welcome to the first edition of Hottest Apps – our weekly look at the fastest growing Facebook applications over the last week. Our hope is to look at what’s working […]

Modeling Facebook Application Growth with Appaholic

So, you’ve written an awesome Facebook app and you think it’s going to take off. You get five users, submit it to the directory, and because your application works well […]

The Dangers of Building on the Facebook Platform

The Facebook platform is great. Great, that is, except when a bug on Facebook’s end renders your application useless. People expecting to see growth like iLike were sorely disappointed if […]