Janelle Harris

So What Do You Do, Harriette Cole, Editor, Author and Media Coach?

Words to Harriette Cole are the canvas of expression. She wants to see them used beautifully, sparingly and, probably just a smidge above all, responsibly. “I tell every one of […]

So What Do You Do, Danyel Smith, Editor, Author and Co-Founder of HRDCVR?

There’s a piece of advice Danyel Smith received her first day on the job as editor-in-chief of Vibe that’s resonated with the writer-slash-editor-slash-author ever since: You don’t have to do […]

So What Do You Do, Vanessa Valenti, Co-founder of Feministing.com and Fresh Speakers?

The social entrepreneur talks mixing business with passion, paying it forward and, of course, that viral street-harassment video.