Haniya Rae

Twitch’s Live Engagement Has Turned Into a Marketing Goldmine

Gaming has always been a social pastime, but with Twitch, the live-streaming video game service where viewers watch other people play games as a form of entertainment, it has become a social network. Big tech companies were quick to recognize the value of Twitch—especially it's huge advertising potential—and last fall Amazon bought the service for $970 million.

These Beauty Brands Are Straight Up Owning the Selfie Trend

Since the term was first coined in 2002, selfies have become an Internet staple. For cosmetics marketers, the selfie trend is a natural way to encourage user-generated content across the board, and has become a common theme in cross-channel campaigns from beauty brands like Sephora to popular celebrity apps. 

Does Wearables Data Have a Place in Your Next Marketing Campaign?

At last year's US Open, tennis fans cheered top athletes, spotted celebrities and, most curiously of all, glimpsed Ralph Lauren's latest polo shirt.

Will This Fashion Brand’s Style Technology Choose Your Next Outfit?

With endless sources of inspiration and merchandise online, it would seem that today's fashionistas have it easy. In truth, navigating from Instagram to Pinterest inspiration boards to brand websites, all in search of the perfect dress or pair of shoes, can be a headache—especially if there's a specific look in mind.