It’s raining Snow coverage

Pack journalism, by the pack, about the pack. Consensus: Tony had a good first day at the podium. (Our blow-by-blow yesterday.) Best Lede Award to Dana Milbank: “It began as […]

More Proof: We’re Not Funny

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise with me and honor America by welcoming Mr. James Rosen to the stage.” With those words did Washington City Paper contributor Adam Mazmanian last night […]

Hand-to-handheld combat

The congressional Radio/TV gallery fired back today after their print colleagues yesterday supported a politician-led effort to block the use of handheld video cameras in the halls outside the Senate […]

Double Super-Secret Cell Phone

In light of revelations that the Feds are monitoring journos’ phone records, one has to wonder if the wiretapping of actual conversations is far behind. Well, FishbowlDC is here to […]

Jamieson to Newsweek: Share My Words, Share My Pain

No hard feelings from Washington City Paper’s Dave Jamieson, whose April 7 Slate piece hating on lacrosse culture was “closely tracked” in a May 1 Newsweek cover story about the […]

The Snowman Cometh

In a profile today of Tony Snow, Howard Kurtz scores a “brief interview” with George W. Bush, who summarizes White House press relations thusly: “‘I understand the reporters have a […]