Ewan Aiton

Industry Perspectives with Jon Radoff, CEO of GamerDNA

Jon Radoff os the CEO of the fledgling GamerDNA.com. The concept behind the new site is simple – give gamers a place where they can use their achievements and experiences […]

Microsoft Giving the Xbox 360 a Social Overhaul

Since Microsoft began its Live service on 15 September 2002, the company has defined how consoles should approach online services. Now six years later, and onto their second console, Microsoft […]

Controlling Inflation in Social MMOs

Despite being virtual, MMOs’ economies suffer the same problems as real economies. In games like World of Warcraft (WOW), Runescape and Second Life, deflation and hyper-inflation are real problems for […]

Pricing Virtual Goods in Social Networks

Virtual goods have become an important part of gaming business models across platforms. With the rise of “social games,” game developers on social networks are taking a page out of […]