Damon Parker

Using Twitter Web Intents on Your Website

Previously we looked into how to setup a our own Twitter application using the Twitter API. That method of Twitter integration was slightly complicated in that it required requesting and […]

Getting Started with the Twitter API Console

In past columns we’ve looked at several different ways to use the Twitter API to search, post tweets and various other Twitter related functions. The console at http://dev.twitter.com/console is another […]

An Open Letter to Twitter Developers

All of your users are ultimately Twitter’s users as well. However, they choose to use your applications for various reasons from preferring your user experience over Twitter’s own to features […]

How Private Are Your Private Messages?

Earlier this week Twitter announced on their blog and to the developer community a change to their API permissions system to give users greater control over what applications can access […]

Twitter Bots Aren’t Just for Spammers Anymore

The @TwitterSuggests account has been around for a few months, tweeting nearly 200k recommendations of “interesting” users to follow so far. And yes, it has received some press from famous […]

Do Women Tweet Differently Than Men? And Other Interesting Uses of the Twitter API

Twitter is not just for tweeting anymore. With the access to Twitter’s functionality and data through it’s API, researchers and the general public alike have the ability to build their […]

Getting Started with the Twitter API

What is exactly is the Twitter API and what can it do for me? An API or Application Programming Interface is, simply put, a set of tools and functions to […]

A Developer Speaks: Why No Chirp 2.0 Conference?

Twitter’s inaugural Chirp Twitter Developer Conference went down this week last year (and with quite a bang if these party pics are any indication). So what’s the word on Chirp […]