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    Infographic: The Big Opportunities for Marketers During This Summer of Sports

    Every four years, the world's attention turns to the sports and athletes of the summer games. But what do you really know about the people who spend hours each day following these events?

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    The Top 3 Things Every CMO Should Know About the Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT), the slightly clunky term for the new generation of connected cars, homes, clothes and products, is already having a radical impact on consumer marketing. Based on Deloitte projections, a billion wireless IoT devices were shipped in 2015, a 60-percent increase from the year before.

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    These Are the 10 Qualities of the Best Digital CMOs

    Aside from the same title, CMOs today have a job that barely resembles the one they did ten, even five years ago. In fact, for CMOs at cutting-edge brands, marketing is only one of a wide range of responsibilities.

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    How Audio Brands Turned Headphones into a Celebrity Trend

    If pop culture has taught us anything, it's that everything is a fashion statement—sweatbands, anyone? With the popularity of smartphones and music streaming, a 24/7 soundtrack has become an emblem of this generation's cultural prerogatives—and along with it, headphone fashion.

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    Lessons From the Music Industry in Listening to the Social Data Crowd

    In July of 2014, a prominent pop artist published an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal that captured just how much the music industry had changed in recent years.

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    What the Hip Hop Industry Can Teach Us About Digital Marketing

    Hip hop artists don't shy away from talking about their favorite brands. From Adidas to Gucci to Mercedes, famous brands have often ended up in famous lyrics. But a lot has changed since the days of old-school MCs dreaming about making it big.