Christie Barakat

Groups Call on Feds to Stop Facebook Tracking

Privacy groups want regulators to investigate Facebook's practice of tracking users when they are on other websites and apps.

Instagram Improves Customer Service With Conversocial

The partnership underscores Instagram's wide consumer appeal and the importance of engaging customers with improved customer service.

Rising Snapchat Stars Earn $100,000 per Week

Big brands are trying to leverage the ephemeral messaging platform to reach younger audiences.

Wikipedia Blocks US Congress’ ‘Persistent Disruptive Edits’

Page edits from congressional computers have been banned for at least ten days.

Mobile Games Help Scientists Study Cognition

Impulsiveness and risk-taking behavior can be reliably measured with mobile games.

Snapchat-Like App Bolt Leaked on Instagram

It is not clear whether Facebook inadvertently leaked the Bolt app or is testing its new "app install ads" inside Instagram.

12 Reasons to Use Visual Content [Infographic]

Visual content grabs attention, is processed faster by the brain, generates more engagement and influences emotions.

Italy Gives Google 18 Months to Change Data Protocols

The Italian ruling and imposed deadline follows similar requirements instated in Britain and the Netherlands that Google's policies conform to local laws.

How Social Drives Sales [Report]

Pinterest leads to spontaneous purchasing more than any other network, while nearly one in three Facebook users have purchased an item after liking, sharing or commenting on it.

Analysts Say Google is Best Placed for Mobile Growth

Google's growth is driven by the company's core search business, product listing ads and YouTube.