Chris Morrison

ISA 2011: Small Developers Don’t Need to Sell Out Yet

For many small developers on Facebook or the iOS, the future likely looks like an intimidating place. The largest social platform, Facebook, failed to produce any major new companies in […]

ISA 2011: Fireside Chat with Google Android Group Manager Eric Chu

Google’s group manager for the Android platform,  Eric Chu, is on stage with us here at Inside Social Apps. His interviewer is Kim-Mai Cutler, lead writer for Inside Mobile Apps. […]

ISA 2011: Live-Blogging Growth and Monetization on Mobile Social Platforms

In our fourth panel of the day, Matthaus Krzykowski is moderating a panel on the growth and monetization of mobile platforms. The panelists: Martin Essl, Strategic Software Partner Management, Sony […]

ISA 2011: Live-Blogging Monetization & Customer Acquisition on the Facebook Platform

In our third panel of the day, Inside Network editor Eric Eldon is moderating a panel on monetization, platform growth and Facebook Credits. The panelists: Deb Liu, Commerce Product Marketing, […]

An In-Depth Look at the Social Gaming Industry’s Performance and Prospects on Facebook

Facebook, and social gaming, appears to be a vastly different place for game developers today versus just a year ago. While social gaming visibly grew at astounding rates through 2009 […]

Miscrits and a Mean Hand of Cards on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

The number of new sim, farm and city games is once again low on our weekly AppData list of emerging Facebook games, defined as those still under a million monthly […]

Katy Perry Sends Facebook Live to the Top of This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

Facebook’s perennially active feed of life at its headquarters, Facebook Live, heads up this week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook apps, or those still under a million monthly active users, […]

Kabam Pulls In a Giant $30 Million Funding for Massively Multiplayer Social Games

The day of mega-fundings in the social game space is not yet done. Kabam, formerly known as Watercooler, is announcing a big $30 million funding today led by Redpoint Ventures […]

BringIt Adds Minigames for Pop Boom and Happy Aquarium, Claims Improving Metrics

Late last year, BringIt launched with the idea of adding skill gaming mechanics to social games on Facebook, in order to increase monetization. It’s announcing its second major partner today, […]

Kingdoms of Camelot, Ravenwood Fair Rise on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by DAU

CityVille’s gains have dropped almost to the level of the other leading games on this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by daily active users, with a few mid-sized games […]