Chris Lynch

Tencent’s Explosive Earnings Powered by Virtual Goods and Social Games

Tencent, the China-based social network, communications, and gaming company, continues to bring in staggering revenue, comprised mostly from the sale of virtual goods. In the second quarter, the company reported […]

Facebook and the Challenges of Search

Mission statements, simple as they are, sum up the fundamental differences between Facebook and two of its main competitors, Google and Twitter. Google looks “to organize the world’s information and […]

What Will Facebook Connect Mean for Online Advertising?

As sites continue to utilize Facebook Connect to drive viral traffic and increase registration rates, many might wonder: How will Connect generate revenues for Facebook itself? For now, it doesn’t. […]

MySpace’s Inflection Point

As Facebook becomes the most popular social network worldwide, MySpace, once deemed as its main competitor, must now undergo a rigorous effort to reinvent itself and hit a more focused […]

Why Facebook Is Changing Online Video, Television

Before the internet, the only way to make television social was by inviting friends over to watch your favorite show, the Superbowl, a movie, or other major events. But as […]

Analysis: Facebook’s New Privacy Settings a Major (and Risky) Step Toward Openness

The upcoming changes to Facebook’s privacy settings will allow users to control who they share information with every time they post a piece of content to the site. While Facebook […]

Facebook Lobbies Washington on Privacy

As Facebook works out the ideal privacy model for the site, the topic became the center of conversation in Washington D.C. this past week. Facebook’s chief privacy officer, Chris Kelly, […]

Montana City Asks Job Candidates for Facebook Usernames, Passwords

There have been ample stories about employers scanning Facebook to find unflattering pictures and content of potential hires. Well, if you find that to be an unnecessary invasion of privacy, […]

The Washington Post Adds Facebook Connect

In an effort to boost registrations and attract new readers, The Washington Post has implemented Facebook Connect on its website. By clicking on the blue “Connect with Facebook” badge on […]

Six Months In: 10 of the Most Interesting Cases of Facebook Connect in Action

One of the most ambitious products since Facebook was established, Facebook Connect has pervaded the Web faster and more significantly than most ever thought it would. Since Connect became publicly […]