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inMarket Supercharges On-Premise Advertising With Beacon Rollout to Bars and Restaurants

Thai Life Insurance Brings Us to Tears Again with Its Latest Heart-Wrenching Spot

Get out your tissues. Thai Life Insurance has just released its latest heart-wrenching spot, a 5-minute short film about overcoming adversity and the bravery of doing right by others.

Here Are the 4 Types of Shoppers You’ll See This Holiday Season

Timing is everything when it comes to holiday shopping. Using data from 120+ million bank accounts and 20+ billion annual card transactions, purchase intelligence firm Cardlytics identified four distinct types of holiday shoppers based on when they make their purchases. Understand their differences to target your campaigns more effectively. 

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Clouds and How They Work

If you want to make your digital marketing personal, you're going to need a marketing cloud. At the most basic level, a marketing cloud lets you tie together multiple data streams, discover your most valuable customers and deliver relevant, personalized messaging across digital touch points, all in one place. But most marketers are still unclear on how a marketing cloud operates.

Subscription Service Marketing Trends You’ll See at Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones and appreciating all the bounty life has to offer. But let's be honest—it's also about stuffing yourself with food, collapsing in a heap on the couch and joining the bargain-hunting masses on Black Friday. What could be more American than that?

What Happens When Big Data Meets High Fashion

In the world of high fashion, the most important models aren't the ones sauntering down the catwalks—they're the statistical models used to drive decision-making.

Everything You Need to Know About the Holiday Shopping Season

Welcome to the Advertising Advent Calendar. Over the next several days we'll reveal top holiday shopping trends—using Skimlinks' transaction data—to help shape your ecommerce strategy. There's no chocolate, but there are plenty of insights to snack on.

How Emoji Fanatics Are Shaping the Future of Messaging

Text messaging is not known for its nuance, which is why emojis have been embraced to provide context, tone and fun. New research from emotional intelligence platform Emogi uncovered the Emoji Elite, heavy texters who add smileys to 15 percent of their messages.

Personalized Video Holds Enormous Potential for Brands

True personalization is speaking to your customers on an individual, one-to-one level at a relevant point in time and with multiple layers of data driving the message.

8 Stats About the Kind of Content That Boosts Brand Engagement

When advertisers buy TV spots, they think about eyeballs—how many, what ages, etc. It's how things are done. However, new research shows that the content that surrounds ads cannot be ignored.