Benjamin Palmer

Internet on Your TV

If you watched the Super Bowl last month, you might have noticed Google’s ad. Maybe you noticed because it was a well-made commercial about a romance. Maybe because it was […]

Over 1 Billion Sold

I’ve been thinking a lot about data visualization, meaning things like the Internet version of those USA Today infographics and the data you get back from your site traffic analytics […]

Why Not Try an API?

If you’re an active online user over the last few years, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of Web sites and services are becoming more and more compatible with one […]

What Happens When Social Media Goes Mainstream?

The moment technology goes mainstream is the moment you no longer notice it. In some ways, it’s the opposite of what happens in pop culture: when someone is famous, you […]

Multiplayer Marketing

Confession time: I have a FarmVille addiction. It started a little over a month ago when I read a blog post about it being the No. 1 game on Facebook […]

When Silence Can Be Golden

It used to seem as if brands were giants and that big brand marketing made them that way. It’s weird how now marketers are trying to be our friends, like […]

Remembering Your Audience

Questions about the value of display ads continue: Are people “seeing” banners? Is what happens with a banner any different than what happens with other ads? Can we fix the […]

The New Approach to New Business

It’s rough out there for new business. There’s plenty of new work, but it’s slower to close, leaving agencies, clients and CFOs second-guessing themselves. Magnifying the slowness is the current […]

The Scale of Social Media

If you look at the top-ranked sites online — Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Blogger, MySpace — a surprising number have not been cracked by the creative industry. Sure, there’s media space […]

Why so Shy?

There have been a lot of trends in my decade or so in the interactive-marketing world. The latest seems a bit unusual: marketers are getting shy. Most marketing is about […]